Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gods of the City Painting

Time really flies when you're busy! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Between freelance work that I can't share, travel, and school I've managed to let this blog grow a bit stale. I'll try to pick up the slack a bit.

Here's something that isn't particularly new, but I haven't posted it here or on my website yet. This painting was created earlier this year as a "reaction" project that we were asked to do after a week-long contact period with the Hartford MFA program in New York.
For me, already currently living in New York, I wanted to do something a little different than Times Square or Central Park (not that there's anything wrong with those places). So I chose an area that I've always enjoyed since moving here seven years ago. The arches under the train bridge in Astoria park also known as the Hell Gate Bridge have often felt otherworldly to me. So using them as a backdrop, I let my imagination run free a little bit and arrived at the image below. 

For a while I was really unsure how I felt about the painting because it's a little different for me. But over the past few months I've received a good amount of positive feedback on it. I suppose i'm always my own worst critic.  
Gods of the City - 12" x 18" Oil on illustration board.