Tuesday, June 22, 2010

War Priest Painting Progress

Here's some random shots of my painting I took during the week. They are a bit random because I i kept forgetting to take shots when I got up to walk around. Also they are not accurate to the colors because they are just shot on the easel under the florescent studio lights. 

The quick lay-in stage over my burnt umber ground. Starting to get the smoke in there.
Not too far after the last image, but I'm getting that misty army in the back there also his bag. The smoke is getting a bit more defined too.
Just filled in the face and other skin tones. in the middle of doing his right hand.

Big jump here, didn't take any photos the last day or so because I was too busy trying to finish up. This is how it looked when I left the easel at 6am on friday morning. I tried to color correct a little bit so this one is closer to the true colors.
I still have a bit of work i want to do on it like bump up the brightness in the magic as well as make some of the highlights on his face and gold pop more. I will be finishing it up in the next day or so and post the real final soon.