Thursday, October 28, 2010

Far away, but still here

So life is a bit slow and repetitive here in the sandy land of Egypt. You'd think there'd be more to paint here, but actually there's not really. Our house is about 2 hours south of Cairo and half a mile away from any civilization into the desert. Sooo there's the house we live in which you can see some studies of here and here, but otherwise it's desert. Flat empty desert. And not even the romantic rolling dune kind of desert either. So i've been intrigued by this skull. I wish I could bring it home with me, but seeing as it's about 24 inches long and weighing about 15 pounds i don't think it will fit in my luggage....not to mention customs! soo I paint on. 
Here's another quick study from the other day. More interesting things to come I promise!

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