Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Sketch: Goblin Engineer

It's amazing how time flies when you're busy! Unfortunately for you, i've been busy on things I can't share right now. Luckily i've had a bit of time lately to get started on a new project for the  Running with Paintbrushes blog. So here's my drawing for that project. He's a Goblin Engineer, and he's working on a mean little assassin bug-machine...or something.


  1. It this a pencil drawing with chalk brush in PS? I like that grainy look! My only humble suggestion might be to make a leg part silhouette hanging over in the box to the left? it could create something interesting that's not in the center of the image to look at? or i could be completely crazy... haha

  2. Hey Ryan! It's actually a charcoal drawing with a lot of photoshop tones added to it. Oh i like that idea! I just stuck a box there cause I didn't want the glowing bottle to take too much attention. but I think a leg or something hanging over the edge could break up that dark block over there. Thanks!
    I hope you're doing good man.