Monday, March 12, 2012

New, old art: Female Death Knight

Today, I'm excited to finally get to share something with you I did quite a while ago. November 2010, to be exact. The unfortunate nature of Non-disclosure agreement contracts is that you can't share artwork until the product has been released or the image is spoiled on the company's website. So sometimes that product may not ever get published due to unforeseen reasons, and therefore you're art that you were really excited about having created gets lost in the dark recesses of a company's unused image bin, aka "slush pile," potentially never being seen ever. It's certainly not fun if it happens to you. Luckily, sometimes art does get used in a different way and if you're fortunate enough to find it in it's new incarnation then the image can once again see the light of day. So here's the image back from the land of lost images as I found it being used as section header not too long ago on the Wizard's of the Coast website. 
10"x14" Oil on masonite

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