Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Messing with Ink: Ningauble

So I've been meaning for a while now to play around with ink again, and last night I had a bit of extra time so started up this small drawing. I wasn't sure where to start since I haven't really used ink since school, but I had an extra piece of clay board lying around so I started with a quick pencil sketch on that. Then, I went in with a brush for the larger black areas, and detailed it out with Micron pen in some areas and scratched away with an x-acto (SO much better than those crap scratchboard nibs I had in school). I had a lot of fun messing around on this and I hope to continue to play with it in the future. The character is Ningauble of the Seven Eyes from the stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. 

5"x7" ink on clayboard


  1. You should put this one up on Etsy, I think it would sell.

  2. Hey Tyler, Thanks! I think you're right, but I need to hold on to it for a little while because it may be a part of my thesis project for my MFA. I am planning on doing more drawings like this though, and those will surely make it to my Etsy page. Thanks for stopping by!

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