Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Illustration: Beyond Griffith

Here's a new illustration I did recently as a reaction piece for my trip to Pasadena back in November with the Hartford MFA program. After each trip we are required to create an illustration about something we experienced during our travels. I usually try to keep these paintings within the vein of my typical work, but I found it difficult to come up with something purely fantasy in the context of L.A. and it's surrounding area...No offense L.A., but you're just not home to axe wielding northmen or hordes of skeleton warriors (outside of the movie studios). 

So instead, I was inspired by our brief trip up to the Griffith Observatory. I thought it was a really cool place with great architecture and some awesome murals...that I could see through the doors. Sadly, we had gotten there just after closing. But I imagined what it would be like to be a kid who was visiting and getting to learn about space and look through the giant telescopes. So I created a little story in my head about a girl who visits the observatory and imagines herself becoming an astronaut...and her dog pal too...because, why not? 
"Beyond Griffith"
12.5" x 18" Oil on masonite
Available for purchase, contact me if interested. 

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