Friday, June 20, 2014

New Magic: The Elusive Minotaur (Token)

Hey guys, as usual there's been nothing but tumbleweeds on here for a little while since there's quite a bit of artwork I've had to patiently sit on. But I just got word that I can finally share a new piece I did for Magic last year. 

This one I had a hard time tracking down because it's apparently very hard to find, but here it is: 
Preliminary sketch, charcoal/digital, 12"x16"

Oil on masonite, 12"x16"

How it looks on the card

This guy was created as alternate promo art for the original Theros minotaur token. Apparently it's only been given out at special league events...So I've had a hard time tracking it down, and from what I've read, most of the players have also had a hard time finding them. So it's a rare card indeed! 

I had a great time painting this one as the art description basically said, "a badass minotaur running at the camera." Sounds good to me! I gotta thank Jeremy Jarvis for giving me the opportunity to create it. 

Both the charcoal drawing and original painting are available for purchase. Contact me at if interested. 

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