Friday, August 22, 2014

New Painting for D&D: Bar Fight!

I was really excited this past weekend when I was told that the new Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook would be released at Gencon. Because that meant I could show a painting I created for it: 
"Brawl at the Yawning Portal Tavern"
17"x22" Oil on masonite.

I've been really itching to show this painting off for a while, and to be able to display it at Gencon where the fans could really appreciate it was awesome. 
This painting was a bit unique for me because due to a bit a scheduling mix-up I only had about a week to paint it, and on top of that it contains the most people I've ever painted in a scene ever. So the challenge was on. But in such a crunch I'm really happy with how it turned out and enjoyed the challenge of composing an image with so much going on. Actually, I was in such a rush I even did the entire preliminary sketch digitally, which I think was a first for me: 

I'll have this painting as well as many others with me at Illuxcon in Allentown, PA,where I'll be set up in the weekend salon September 20-21st. 


  1. Great job!
    BTW, I never imagined as a kid that I'd grow up and know an artist for D&D!

  2. Thanks Kris! I really enjoyed working on it, and it's always been my dream since I was young to work for D&D. So it's an honor.