Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tarot Tuesday- Ace of Swords

A quick post for today, but I wanted to start off a new blog series that I should have began a long time ago. So it's with this I will kick off "Tarot Tuesdays." I'll be posting a new painting for the upcoming Modern Spellcater's Tarot deck written by Melanie Marquis and being published by Llewellyn Worldwide later this year each Tuesday until I reach the end of the project. I've already posted some work from the deck in previous posts here and here.

So today I present the Ace of Swords:
7" x 11.5" Oil on watercolor paper.

The suit of swords contains some of my favorite images from the deck so far, so expect plenty more of those as we roll along with Tarot Tuesday.

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