Thursday, June 25, 2009

IMC Continued!

Well as you may have figured, the IMC was a blast! So much so, that I had no time to post any further progress on my painting, because, well...I was painting!! So anyways, here is a bunch of progress shots through the last sleepless hours "finishing" my piece. I say "finishing" because I did manage to fill all of the painting in, but for me there is still some work to do. A perfectionist is never happy!
Continuing where my last post left off, I got the polar bear in there and started on the secondary character:
Here's a detail of Aath's head:

Here's also a progression of his hand: I like to paint all of the flesh tones in one sitting so that I have all of the colors mixed up. I generally put the darkest and lightest tones in first, and then fill in the middle. Kinda wacky, I know...

Almost done here, just need to mesh some of the colors together first.

Cape Time!

And the final! Sorry for a not great shot. I will be continuing work on this and update with a nicer final image. Nothing like a full illustration in a week!

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