Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IMC Drawing Progress

So the IMC is going very well thus far. As you've seen in my previous post, my initial sketch was brought before the jury and decisions were made! Here's a shot of the sketch post-crit with attached correction proposals on tracing paper. The basic consensus was that the bear needed to come down to make room for type and get him more in the other characters faces. The main character, Aath Ulber, as he's referred to in the story has too little of a neck and it is causing him to look akward. Also, the secondary figure in the midground was in a bad position and perhaps should be moved off to the left to get a more dynamic flow between the three elements.
Next, I began by photocopying my original sketch up %40 to match my final drawing size. The final was drawn on tracing paper to allow for underlaying of photocopies and sketces for easy adjustments. You can see her that I've made the front characters pose a bit more interesting and less stiff. Also, moved the secondary character left and brought the bear down.

Now I am starting to flesh out the main character, adding costume elements and designing as much as I can to make him beleivable.

Finally, I decided to make the secondary charcater even bigger as well as the bear. This I think ties the three together even more. I also changed the ridge that the bear is on to make it flow better with the jagged parts behind. This is my final drawing that I will print and mount on my masonite.

This is what it looked like when I left the studio tonight. I was able to mount the drawing to the masonite and apply a ground tone of Burnt Umber. I started pulling out some of the highlights in the bear and Aath because the mounted print had lost a bit of detail and I wanted to reestablish those areas. More process on the way!

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