Friday, April 22, 2011

A Game of Thrones - Archmaester Ebrose

I just saw this guy up at the Fantasy Flight Games website. I did this guy a while ago and they must've liked it since they used it on the packaging. It's always a joy to see your art on the final product.
©Fantasy Flight Games

And here's the full art. Actually, I had started painting this soon after my sketch was approved when i got an email from the art director saying "George R. Martin told us that the maester's chain is supposed to be tight around his neck." So since I had already painted it, and I liked the long chain better, I just made the chain shorter digitally. So you can see in the final product how it ended up.
©Fantasy Flight Games

10x12" Oil on watercolor board

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  1. Hey Scott- that's awesome it was used for the packaging! The piece looks great.