Friday, August 12, 2011

Con Sketches

Here's a quick post of a couple of the sketches I did for people at Gencon this past weekend. 
One the first day of the show some nice folks came up to me and asked "would you draw our playmat for us?" Being kind of surprised and confused since i've never done such a thing I said, "Umm...sure!" And after a short discussion about pricing and subject matter I was off. 

It turns out that she liked mermaids and elves and such so here's what I ended up with:

I'm really quite bad at drawing in front of people...or at least, bad at starting a drawing in front of people. Once I have things sorted out with proportions i'm fine to draw while others watch, but I have a serious mental block if someone is standing over me from the start. Thankfully, they let me do my thing and came back the next day for the mat.

A couple other quick ones that were a bit less involved:

This one had cool sketches from some of the other great artists at the show. Mine's on the top right. It's cool to be on there with them.

In the end, I thought it was nice to do quick sketches for people. It's truly an honor to have someone appreciate your work enough to want a custom drawing. Now I just need to get a bit faster at it!


  1. Sheesh! I would love to call that mermaid drawing a "sketch." That's pretty gorgeous buddy. Congrats on the best in show! You are on a roll, my friend.

  2. Thanks dude! Yeah, I perhaps got a bit carried away with the mermaid "sketch."