Friday, February 10, 2012

Return To Titanic Part 2: The Covers

Here's the four covers I did for the Return to Titanic book series. These were a lot of fun to do and were a bit of an interesting exercise in color progression. I've put in both the original painting and the final cover designs so you can see the space restrictions I was working with. For this series we wanted to make sure that the covers would work together as a group, but also to reflect the moods of each book. Looking through the images take note of the tones and colors of each cover. 

As we  can see, in book 1 the mood is bright and hopeful ready for the adventure.

Book 2 is still adventurous and hopeful, but now we have an air of urgency in the characters. The colors are becoming a little bit darker.

Now things are getting pretty intense! Much darker here, but still some warmth and light amongst the chaos.

And at last we have the final chapter in this exciting series. The ship's gone down, characters are lost....a dark book indeed. But still there is a small bit of light for the future.

Up next: We'll take a closer look at the interiors from Book 1.

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