Friday, February 3, 2012

Titanic Characters Revealed

So, as I've been mentioning over the past few months, the "Return to Titanic" book series that I worked on most of last year has finally been released! Check them out at the publisher's website here.
This project was a huge learning experience for me. Not only did the project contain the first book i've done both the cover and interiors for, but there was four of them! Each book required between 22-28 pencil drawings. About 100 drawings with 4 covers in just under seven months (on top of a full time job), was definitely a real lesson in time management (or time crunch!). Also, having such a tight deadline and not knowing any 11-13 year old kids that fit the character descriptions required a crash course on: Learn really fast how to make you and your girlfriend into any and every character in the books. So yes, every single person on the covers and drawings is either me or my girlfriend. It's a bit tricky...especially when it has to be made consistent throughout the series. One thing that helped a lot was quick character studies that Bob, the most super amazing, communicative, nicest, cool guy,  art director ever, had me do before anything. Here's what they looked like:

Tucker's Mom, Mrs. Paulsen
Liam's Dad, Mr. Kearney
Mrs. Kearney
Captain Smith
John Coffey
Burt Terrell
Violet Jessop
John Jacob Astor

Madeline Astor

And just for fun here's a photo I took of all the interior drawings covering my living room (it's small, but still!) floor:

Up next: The covers!

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