Monday, March 24, 2014

Spectrum 21!

Today I'm happy to announce that my painting "Badru and the Giant" was accepted in Spectrum volume 21!! You may remember my post from last year about the competition and my acceptance for the first time ever. I am completely honored and excited to be included yet again in this year's edition. As well, to have one of my personal pieces from a project that I care very much about gain recognition makes it that much nicer. 

Thanks to all of the judges and congratulations to everyone else!


  1. Congratulations Scott! That is awesome and you completely deserve it. I remember seeing this painting in person at Illux Con and it is amazing. Can't wait to see the whole set when it is finished and ready.

    1. Thanks Lance! I'm looking forward to finishing up more of them soon too.

  2. Congrats Scott! I love the composition!