Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dungeon Magazine - Some Wererats

I just saw that the recent Dungeon Magazine issue #217 has been released. Here's a painting I did for the article a couple months ago. The story helps give flavor to a Dungeons and Dragons scenario that takes place in the Undercellar. An interconnected network of dreary rooms below the city filled with all manner of nasty things. My task was to show a couple of wererats up to something....probably no good.
Charcoal sketch with some digital touches.

 8"x17.5" Oil on illustration board

Monday, August 12, 2013

War Pigs and Gencon

One of these days i'll have something for real to share, I promise! 

But for now, here's a couple small paintings that I did for fun during a week-long class with CF Payne, and Gary Kelley a few weeks ago. The class was great for exploring techniques and various media. I had a chance to try out both Gary's monotype printing method (which I'll try to post on here at a later time), as well as Chris' crazy technique that involves a million different steps and mediums that somehow he can make look effortless. So here's my two little studies that more or less started using Chris' method as an elaborate underpainting, but more or less ended up as my usual oil painting style...I guess i'm stuck in my ways.

War Pig 7.5"x8"
Oil, acrylic, watercolor, tinted gesso, and colored pencil on illustration board

Messenger Bat 6"x9"
Oil, acrylic, watercolor, tinted gesso, and colored pencil on illustration board

In other news, I'll have a booth at Gencon again this weekend in Indianapolis. I'm looking forward to the usual good time that is had there. If anyone is going to be there, come stop by my table in the art show and say hi. I'll have these two little paintings with me for sale, as well as plenty of other original paintings, drawings, prints, and even some limited edition playmats.

Until next time!