Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back from GenCon 2011

I've finally managed to settle back in from my trip out to Indianapolis this past weekend for GenCon. It's one of the biggest and longest running table-top gaming conventions around, and I decided that this year I would try my luck at having a booth. Not only was it my first booth at Gencon, but it was my first booth ever! So I was a bit nervous. What made me even more nervous was when Barbara, the art show manager, directed me to my table which sat right smack in the middle of some of the best artists working in gaming today. There I was, neighboring with guys like Omar Rayyan, Steve Argyle, Dan Scott, Ralph Horsley, Chris Rahn, Matt Stewart, Jeremy Mchugh, Drew Baker, Chris Burdett, Emily Fiegenshcuh, Vinod Rams and Wayne Reynolds! (if you don't know them, check them out  NOW!)
Not to mention the many other excellent artists in the other rows....I was certainly in good company.

Me at my booth. Omar Rayyan is over there on the left.
Eventually I got over it and was happy to be in one of the more heavily visited aisles. Going into a Con not expecting to sell anything always helps too because any little sale makes your day. I was surprised when in the first 30 minutes a guy came along a bought a print. Someone actually wants my art on their wall?? Hey, i'll take it. Even better, was selling two of my original paintings right off the wall! So, I was certainly pleased to come out of it having paid for my trip.

AND, if that wasn't enough, I was awarded "Best in Show!!" for my painting "Goblin Engineer." I was shocked! 
The judges were Chris Rahn, Jeff Miracola, Wayne Reynolds, and Barbara Fisher the art show manager. I've looked up to these guys for a while and to have my painting recognized by them means the world to me. 

My winning painting, Goblin Engineer (though Wayne renamed it "Goblin Penis Tinkerer") and super sweet crystal trophy!
So needless to say, i'll be back again next year. Though, I doubt there's any way I could possibly top this year...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.                            


  1. Scott this is soo awesome! At least the long hours of driving was well worth it. The Goblin Engineer is bad ass...I know we're all happy for you!

  2. congratulations, scott! that's fantastic.

  3. DUDE!!!!! That is awesome! Well deserved, I might add. I hope the trip was worth it and that I get to see you there next year. Very happy to hear this.

    Excellent job, sir!

  4. Thanks Steve! I gotta thank you again for all of your pre-con help and advice as well! Also, I'm glad to see your name on the Spectrum Live list.
    I'll definitely be back to gencon next year, I gotta judge!

  5. Ooh! That's right! Look upon my work kindly!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! you deserve it!

  7. Thanks guys! It was nice meeting you Vinod. Hope to see you there again next year!

  8. I visited your booth this year at GenCon. It wasn't until today that I looked up your site. Sorry for the delay! What actually brought me here were two images that you had passed out. The goblin engineer and the dwarf. Both are hanging up in my little cubicle. I''m looking forward to picking up more of your work next year at GenCon. I'll bring some more $$ to throw your way.

    Congrats on the award. You deserve it!

  9. Hey Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad that you're enjoying the postcards. I haven't been able to add much to here and my website lately because I have all kinds of art that I'm not allowed to show of the problems with gaming art. But I look forward to being back at Gencon this upcoming year with lots of new paintings and prints for sale. Come by and say hello again!